Tethered & Paid Balloon Rides

Tethered Rides are offered on the Alabama Jubilee schedule as part of our evening operations each day. 

Tethered rides are at the pilots discretion and are FREE.   

We do not offer paid balloon flights at this event.


  • Lines for the rides can be long so arrive early for the wait.

  • Minors (under 18) are not allowed in the balloons unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Most pilots will not fly a child under the age of three (3).

  • Balloons are aircraft, not fair rides. Many will run-out of fuel after one or two hours.

  • If weather conditions change, the balloons may have to discontinue. 

  • Smoking not allowed on the launch field. Balloon fuel is liquid propane and is dangerous.

  • Be mindful of tie-down ropes. Do not cross these unless you are told to do-so.

  • Do not touch the balloon equipment unless directed to.

  • Balloons have weight and capacity limits. Large groups will be asked to split-up.

When to See the Balloons

Events are early and late in the day. The best time to arrive at the field is before 6:00am for morning and 5:00pm for evening.

Balloon inflations and flights are often canceled, delayed, or postposed due to weather.  Please see our event announcements page for more information on these happenings.

Get Close to the Balloons

The Alabama Jubilee is one of the few balloon events that allows the public to walk on the field.

The public is encouraged to ask pilots questions and to get close to the balloons.

Please remember to follow the rules and comply with all pilot requests.


Would you like to get involved and crew for a balloon?  See our crewing information on the balloon page.

Balloon Events & Tasks

The Alabama Jubilee balloon events consists of four balloon events.

Each morning there is a is a competition flight for the balloons.  In the evenings half the balloons will fly with the other half stay on the field for tethers and a balloon glow.

For those who often ask how you compete in a balloon a brief description of balloon competition tasks are below:

Saturday Morning - Morgan County Commission Hare & Hound.

One balloon designated as the 'hare' will launch before the others.  Once in the air they try to follow the first balloon. 

The first balloon will land and roll out a large fabric 'X' onto which the "hound" balloons will try to drop a bean-bag marker.  Whoever is closest to the center wins.

Sunday Morning - Lynn Layton Key Grab

This is a 'fly-in' that brings the balloons from off the field back onto it for the Lynn Layton Key Grab.

Balloons must fly a pre-set distance, usually three miles, and attempt to navigate back to the field in order to grab a ring from the top of a tall pole.  A secondary goal is to drop a bean-bag marker at the center of an 'X' that is also laid-out at the pole.

Tequila Sunrise
Balloon: Tequila Sunrise
Pilot: Adam Riley 
Madison, Alabama
Mike Wahl
Balloon: Daikin
Pilot: jeff maddox
Decatur, Alabama
Decatur Balloon
Balloon: River City Drifter
Pilot: Ken Carner
Decatur, Alabama
Party On
Balloon: Party On
Pilot: Robbie Wahl
Hoover, Alabama
Balloon: Bandit
Pilot: Brian Dial 
Decatur, Alabama
Black Pearl
Balloon: Black Pearl
Pilot: Steven Rauseo
Decatur, Alabama
Cool Ray
Balloon: Cool Ray
Pilot: Mike wahl
Decatur, Alabama
Balloon: Dreamweaver
Pilot: Laura Stewart
Decatur, Alabama
Balloon: Flight 847 The Misfit
Pilot: Clay Turner
Decatur, Alabama

National Pilots

Frank Anger
Balloon: America
Pilot: Frank Anger
Beldon, Mississippi
Tim Billingsly
Balloon: Desperado
Pilot: Tim Billingsly
Carrollton, Georgia
John Cavin
Balloon: Yellow Bird
Pilot: John Cavin
indialantic, Florida
Chris Christopher
Balloon: Mountain Mamma
Pilot: Chris Christopher
Morgantown, WV
Patrick Dailey
Balloon: OHANA
Pilot: Patrick Dailey
Bardstown, kentucky
Balloon: Ado
Pilot: William Davis
Helena, Alabama
Nick Donner
Balloon: Bluegrass Reboot
Pilot: Nick Donner
Louisville, Kentucky
Charles Edwards
Balloon: Sheriff Armadillo
Pilot: Charles Edwards
Palm Harbor, Florida
Rick Ferrall
Balloon: Stairway To Heaven Too
Pilot: Rick Ferrall
Lawrenceville, Georgia
Pat Fogue
Balloon: Pepsi
Pilot: Pat Fogue 
Columbia, Missouri
Mark Fox
Balloon: ALF
Pilot: Mark Fox
Cocoa Beach, Florida
Robert Foxenberg
Balloon: TAD Too High
Pilot: Robert Foxenberg
Black Creek Wisconson
Jason Gabriel
Balloon: Spirit of '76
Pilot: Jason Gabriel
Montgomery, ALabama
Jason Gabriel
Balloon: Doubloon II
Pilot: Paul Halterman
Ponchatoula, Florida
Jason Gabriel
Balloon: Mike Hanson
Pilot: Bee Bee King
Greenwood, Mississippi
Jason Gabriel
Balloon: Miss Baby II
Pilot: Matthew "perry" Hasson
Meridian, Mississippi
Chad Hebert
Balloon: Marilyn
Pilot: Chad Hebert
Zackery, Louisiana
Balloon: Ole
Pilot: John Hitron
Louisville, Kentucky
Jonathon Hodge
Balloon: Star Rider
Pilot: James Art Hodge
The Village, Florida
Jonathan Hodge
Balloon: Disco Lemonade
Pilot: Jonathan Hodge
Madison Hights, Mi
Justin Hoffmann
Balloon: Dreamer
Pilot: Justin Hoffmann
Sandoval, Illinois
Ken Johnston
Balloon: Highly Kentagious
Pilot: Ken Johnston 
Madsion, Mississippi
Gary Jones
Balloon: Windwalker
Pilot: Eileen Jones
Diamondhead, MS
Joel Jones
Balloon: Queen of Hearts
Pilot: Joel Jones
Seale, Alabama
Karen Kent
Balloon: La Bayou Dream
Pilot: Karen Kent
Port Allen, Louisiana
Karen Kent
Balloon: Karen's Dream II
Pilot: Karen Kent
Port Allen, Louisiana
Jason Gabriel
Balloon: Tropical Twist
Pilot: Erik Kiehle
Meridian, Mississippi
Paul Knuth
Balloon: Prizmatic
Pilot: Paul Knuth
Crestwood, Kentucky
Paul Knuth
Balloon: Billy The Kidd
Pilot: Paul Knuth
Crestwood, Kentucky
David Koenig
Balloon: Patty Sue
Pilot: David Koenig
Menasha, Wisconson
David Koenig
Balloon: BlueLoon
Pilot: David Koenig
Menasha, Wisconson
Frank Anger
Balloon: Bubblegumbo
Pilot: David Koenig
Menasha, Wisconson
Jeff Maddox
Balloon: Heaven Bound
Pilot: Jeff MaddoX
Toney, Alabama
Nancy McConnell
Balloon: Sky Eyes
Pilot: Nancy McConnell
Monticello, Florida
Mike Miller
Balloon: Just a Dream
Pilot: Mike Miller
Grafton, Ohio
Rusty Miller
Balloon: Stars & Stripes
Pilot: Rusty Miller
Atmore, Alabama
Jason Gabriel
Balloon: Yellow Brick Road
Pilot: Rob Nutting
Ackworth, Iowa
Bob O'brien
Balloon: Seedquel
Pilot: Bob O'brien
Waupaca, Wisconson
Gary Odom
Balloon: Master Blaster
Pilot: Gary Odom
Valparaiso, Florida
Dale Pattyn
Balloon: Hyggelig
Pilot: Dale Pattyn
Kennesaw, Georgia
Fred Poole
Balloon: Joy
Pilot: Fred Poole
Meridian, Mississippi
Joe Ritchie
Balloon: Tuchstone Energy
Pilot: Joe Ritchie
Bryant, Arkansas
Kelly Sasser
Balloon: Kalos
Pilot: Kelly Sasser
Columbus, Georgia
Charlie Schobel
Balloon: Dense Fog
Pilot: Charlie Schobel
Cumming, Georiga
Tim Slattery
Balloon: Treetop Flyer
Pilot: Tim Slattery
Madison, Mississippi
Ton Steinbock
Balloon: UFO
Pilot: Tom Steinbock
Crestwood, Kentucky
Jason Gabriel
Balloon: My Cup of Tea
Pilot: Tom Steinbock
Crestwood, Kentucky
Frank Stevenson
Balloon: Kodachrome
Pilot: Frank Stevenson
Frankfort, Kentucky
Steven Stokoe
Balloon: Fire Dog
Pilot: Steven Stokoe
Tampa, Florida
Joel Sturdevant
Balloon: Re/Max
Pilot: Joel Sturdevant
Lee's Summit, Montana
Dave Sullivan
Balloon: Checkride
Pilot: Dave Sullivan
Fayetteville, Georiga
Carlton Sumner
Balloon: Sky Walker
Pilot: Carlton Sumner
Rincorn, Georgia
Dennis Sutter
Balloon: Dream Pie
Pilot: Dennis Sutter
Hallsville, Montana
Mike Ties
Balloon: the enTeisment
Pilot: Mike Teis
Candler, North Carolina
Larry Torgerson
Balloon: Ol Yeller
Pilot: Larry Torgerson
Meridian, Mississippi
Matt Torgerson
Balloon: Direction
Pilot: Matt Torgerson 
Anchorage, Kentucky
Stephen Turner
Balloon: Diamond-Aire
Pilot: Stephen Turner
Atlanta, Georgia

Are you a pilot wishing to join in the fun at the Alabama Jubilee?  Fill out our application:  Pilot Application