The Alabama Jubilee is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a photo contest as part of this year's event.

The contest is open to adults and youth. A total of 10 photos per person may be entered. You may enter all 10 in one category or divide the 10 among the following categories.

To enter see the contact information below; please include your selected entry catagory and group.

Winners will be notified by email no later than Aug. 1, 2018. First, second and third place winners will be selected in all categories. Judges reserve the right to decide whether a category contains work that merits awards.

Photo Catagories

In your entry e-mail / letter specify the catagory you wish to enter:

  • Hot-air Balloons: Balloons and balloon activity on the Alabama Jubilee field at Point Mallard Park in Decatur, as they fly off the field or as they land.
  • Elsewhere in the park: Other activities going on during the 2018 Alabama Jubilee, including (but not limited to) the arts and crafts festival, car show, tractor show and entertainment activities on the Alabama Jubilee stage.

Entry Group

Entrants may enter as part of the follwing entry groups; please specify which group to which you wish to belong:

  • General: Photos not entered in the below catagories will be considered 'general' entries and compete with all other genreal entries. These should include those who do-not consider themsevles an 'advanced amature' or those who are too-old, or do-not wish to enter as part of the young photographer group.
  • Advanced Amateur: Entrants in this category will compete amongst themselves. Subject matter may include any of the above categories. This group is for people who sell their work but are not full-time photographers. You may also fit into this category if you have a website or social media page dedicated to your photography; your work has been recognized by others as professional; you sell your photographs even though you do not make most of your income from photography.
  • Young Photographer: Youth through 15 years of age will compete amongst themselves in this group. Subject matter can be any of the entry categories. (Age 16 and up should enter as part of the other groups.)


  1. Entries will be accepted online at between May 26-June 11, 2018.

  2. The contest is open to any amateur photographer except members of the Alabama Jubilee Hot-Air Balloon Classic organizing committee, the Decatur Convention and Visitors Bureau, or the City of Decatur Parks and Recreation Department, and members of their immediate families. An amateur is defined as someone who does not earn the majority of his or her living from photography.

  3. Only photos taken during the 2018 Alabama Jubilee Hot-Air Balloon Classic on May 26-27, 2018, are eligible.

  4. Eligible format is high quality digital images only.

  5. File size is limited to 10 MB. Photographer may enter up to 10 photos, all in one category or mixed.

  6. Each photo must be described in your submissiopn and must include the : time, date, location, and a brief discription of the subject.

  7. Minor adjustments of color/contrast, sharpening, spotting, dodging and burning are acceptable. Photographs manipulated for artistic purposes by applying special effects such as collage, photo composites or HDR are not acceptable and will be disqualified.

  8. Submitted photos should not have a visible name, date, border or any type of watermark.

  9. Judges will make selections based on quality, composition, content, originality, uniqueness, creativity and general appeal.

  10. Judges decisions are final.


Prizes will be awarded to each winning photographer along with recognition in the 2019 Alabama Jubilee Hot-Air Balloon Classic calendar. Prizes may include items courtesy of the Alabama Jubilee such as a T-shirt or other items.

Use of Photographs

By submitting an entry, photographers grant permission to the Alabama Jubilee Hot-Air Balloon Classic and the Decatur Convention and Visitors Bureau to use these images online and in print, and to distribute them for non-commercial purposes with photo credits – including, but not limited to, educational and news purposes - to other media, print, digital, online services and television for their use. However, the photographer also retains the right to use the photo in any way he or she chooses.

To Enter and For More Information Contact:

2018 Alabama Jubilee Photo Contest
P.O. Box 2601
Decatur, AL 35602-2601